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Masonry Chimneys

Often times a masonry or stucco chimney will be pulled away from the house wall. This normally means that the chimney was not be secured to the building adequately or properly. When this condition appears it will be necessary to re-secure the chimney structure to the building framing or masonry.

The chimney usually pulls away from the wall due to the structure not being adequately secured to the house walls. (missing wall ties, improper chimney framing, etc.) On some, more rare, occasions the chimney pulls away from the wall due to foundation failure. These situations will normally require the services of a structural engineer. Also, as all situations are different we recommend consulting a structural engineer to determine the cause of the problem. The engineer can also design a corrective procedure.

A few suggested repair procedures:

Clean any debris from behind the chimney and chimney structure.
Drill a 3/4 inch hole on each side of the chimney from the exterior. Either at the attic floor height through the floor joists or at the top of the attic at the rafters. Drill into the attic approximately 4 to 5 feet. Install a full width steel angle or a custom made steel plate on the outside wall of the chimney with holes drilled into the ends. Install 1/2 inch or 5/8 inch threaded rods through the steel, into the holes drilled into the attic. Install solid wood blocking between the floor joists or rafters. Install bolts with a large washer inside the attic and tighten the bolts to pull and secure the chimney to the building structure.
If there are two flue liners inside the chimney, a hole could be drilled through the center of the chimney, between the liners and through the joists or rafters. A decorative star bolt could be installed on the exterior of the chimney and the threaded rod extended into the attic and tightened to pull and secure the chimney to the building.
If the chimney has not pulled away from the wall too much a metal stral could be installed around the chimney. This would secure it in place, provided the strap is anchored or bolted adequately to the framing.
A stucco chimney can be repaired by any one of the previous methods, however for a better appearance the stucco could be removed. After the chimney is secured to the building, the stucco can be re-installed to maintain a proper cosmetic appearance.
Most times when a chimney pulls away from the building wall the chimney flashings will be damaged. The chimney flashings should be repaired or replaced as needed to prevent water leakage and damage.

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